From October 1, the National Minimum Wage for adults will increase by 2.5% from £5.93 to £6.08 per hour. 

The Youth Development rate will rise by 6p to £4.98 per hour and the 16-17 Year-Old rate will increase from £3.64 to £3.68 per hour. The minimum wage for apprentices will also increase from £2.50 to £2.60 per hour.

Low Pay Commission Chairman David Norgrove said that this increase provided a balance for both employees and employers.

“Our recommendations are based on sound economic evidence and take account of the prospects for the UK economy,” he said. “The UK economy is forecast to grow but the pace is uncertain. We believe our recommendations are appropriate and balance the needs of low-paid workers and the challenges faced by businesses.”

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) expressed disappointment over the increase. “While we support the concept of the National Minimum Wage, continued increases are putting an incredible strain on the local shops and other small businesses whose biggest outgoing is employment costs,” said chief executive James Lowman.

“Why. when many public sector workers are facing pay freezes, does the government believe that businesses can afford a 2.5% increase?” he added. “This is an insensitive decision that will cost jobs and damage the recovery.”