The shadow media minister has backed the National Federation of Retail Newsagents’ (NFRN) campaign for industry reform.

Labour MP Helen Goodman has written to both media secretary Jeremy Hunt and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to support the NFRN’s Press for Reform campaign.

In her letter, she says: “Many smaller newsagents are suffering at the hands of large wholesalers who treat them badly, and subject them to poor service and simultaneous margin cuts.”

She also raises concerns regarding the diversity of the publications provided by the wholesalers. “My concern is that dynamic and exciting new publications may not be able to break into the market if they are not considered immediately profitable by these large wholesalers.” She urges the government to “look at these issues as a priority”.

Some 25,000 people have signed the Press for Reform petition, which urges the OFT to recommend a full industry investigation.

Meanwhile, an Early Day Motion calling for support of similar demands by the Association of News Retailers’ (ANR) has been signed by 15 MPs.