Harpal Rai- Rai Wine Shop

The convenience channel is made up of some of the hardest working entrepreneurs around, those who work tirelessly to make sure their stores stand out from the crowd, to meet evolving demands of their local shoppers and look after their equally hardworking teams.

Would they say no to a helping hand that can support them in putting some extra cash in their pockets? This is where *shopt comes in, and the number one app for convenience retailers is on a mission to make sure both new and existing users are making the most of the opportunity to reap rewards.

With 79% of users describing it as the best cash rewards app they use, *shopt focuses on connecting retailers with the biggest brands in the channel. Registering with *shopt gives retailers access to exclusive product offers incentivising the stock and display of featured lines. Users can earn up to £1,000 a year, for simply submitting photos of eligible products, POS displays or watching supplier videos and even answering survey questions.

Harpal Rai, owner of Rai Convenience Store in Harborne, has been a user of *shopt since it launched in 2018 and comments: “The app has benefitted our store as the rewards really help provide us with an extra incentive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

In addition, it’s a great platform for finding out about new product launches and helps us stay up to date.” He highlights the benefit of being rewarded for stocking new products and particularly values the larger cash rewards. C-stores can earn monetary rewards through proving they’re stocking recommended ranges, bringing tips and advice to life in-store and showcasing best in class merchandising.

Harpal’s convenience store sees a mix of customers and is often a place where many visit to pick up food-to-go as well as non-food items such as haberdashery and hardware. As he adapts his range to cater to evolving shopper trends, Harpal is often looking for ideas on how he can improve his customers experiences, with *shopt providing him with inspiration.

As retailers and shoppers face cost-of-living challenges, many store owners are adapting to support existing customers, but also looking at new ways to attract customers to their store. Supplier support has never been more important to help them achieve this, and *shopt is the one stop shop to connect retailers with brands such as Walkers, Doritos, Lucozade, Ribena, Coca-Cola, Mars Wrigley, Galaxy, Smirnoff and Gordon’s.

Harpal continues: “I would recommend *shopt to other retailers without a doubt, as it helps you actively look out for new products your customers may see advertised. In addition to the rewards themselves, you can also get a competitive advantage by having a point of difference with new products.”

Alexa Hester, head of sales and marketing at *shopt comments: “We are always on the lookout for how we can further support and give back to our regular users of the app. We strive to ensure that retailers are at the heart of our business. We have noticed that competitions are becoming increasingly popular among retailers and therefore, we recently launched our latest competition offering users the opportunity to win £5,000 to improve their store this summer.

“At a time when rising costs are making it a challenging environment for many convenience stores, our grand prize aims to help the winning retailer ensure they can futureproof and continue to meet the needs of their local shoppers. Through the activation, our aim was to show retailers just how simple it is to use the app and reap the many valuable rewards that are regularly available from top suppliers, but also to encourage new users and extend our support within the convenience sector as a result.”

Retailers aren’t the only ones benefitting from *shopt, suppliers are constantly on the lookout for extended ways to communicate with their customers and the app provides them with the perfect platform to do just that.

Brands including Mars, Diageo, Suntory and PepsiCo are already using the app to drive new distribution, understand product availability and connect with this channel to unlock valuable insights. *shopt also provides access to advanced notice on NPD, brand loyalty schemes and industry news.

With 81% of users describing *shopt as very easy or easy to use, navigating the app couldn’t be simpler.

To hear from big brands more often, learn about the latest news and access cash rewards and product information from major brands across all categories, download or head to the *shopt app today https://shopt.digital/gb/get-app/.