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The European Union’s F-gas Regulation is reshaping the future of refrigerants, especially hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). By 2030, these refrigerants will see a dramatic reduction of nearly 80%, an outcome that will likely echo in the UK’s regulatory environment, as soon as 2025. This significant phase-down serves as a catalyst for food retailers to pivot from HFCs to natural refrigerants, which are far more environmentally friendly. This shift presents a rare opportunity for retailers to develop refrigeration strategies that not only align with environmental goals but also drive business advancement.

AHT/DAIKIN stands as a leader in heating, cooling, refrigeration, and total solutions. Our continuous focus on developing products for commercial refrigeration emphasises energy optimisation, the use of low global warming potential (GWP) natural refrigerants, operational reliability, and streamlined systems. Our commitment to excellence propels us to innovate continually, crafting exceptional products tailored to meet diverse business needs. Understanding the crucial significance of energy efficiency and sustainability, especially in light of the F-Gas phase-down journey, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet evolving legislative demands.

Recent revelations about ‘forever chemicals’ in certain refrigeration equipment components/materials and refrigerants have prompted a proactive approach from manufacturers and regulatory bodies. We recognise concerns about the uncontrollable price risks associated with HFC system maintenance due to fluctuating refrigerant gas prices. To address these issues, we prioritise our own equipment design, mitigating risks and providing cost-effective solutions.

AHT, renowned as the world leader in plug-in refrigeration, has seamlessly transitioned into the DAIKIN family. This transition has allowed us to evolve from product manufacturers to comprehensive turnkey system suppliers, adding substantial value to the UK grocery and convenience sectors under the esteemed brand: AHT Plus.

Food retailers seeking to phase down HFC refrigerants can choose both CO₂ systems or water-cooled R290 propane integral systems from AHT/DAIKIN. In certain climates, retailers have successfully integrated these systems with central heating, utilising waste heat from refrigeration to replace fossil fuel consumption. Our CO₂ systems have demonstrated remarkable efficiency rates, showcasing the potential for integrating thermal energy loads.

AHT’s approach to sustainable refrigeration technology during the HFC phase-down journey includes the following cutting-edge solutions:

The Daikin CO₂ Conveni-Pack / Zeas Condenser Heat Recovery is a natural HVAC-R application that maximises energy efficiency by combining refrigeration and air conditioning technologies. This innovative system, equipped with the latest controls and inverter technology, caters to various refrigeration applications, and responds to diverse shop requirements with ducted or piped air conditioning indoor units.

The Water Cooled R290 propane semi-plugin (SPI) system efficiently harnesses waste heat generated by refrigeration through glycol water, redirecting it to heat the retail areas. This process significantly reduces heating costs during colder seasons, offering environmental benefits through waste heat recovery and substantial energy savings.

Expanding our offers, the Dakin Inverter Monoblocks stand as an epitome of innovation for cold room back-of-house storage solutions. These monoblocks offer unparalleled features designed to optimise small to medium-cold rooms with space-saving, energy-efficient inverter technology. Equipped with hot gas defrost and a unified model suitable for both medium and low-temperature applications, they provide exceptional versatility. What sets these units apart is their master-slave configuration, allowing connection of up to 5 units for customised cooling needs. Additionally, their wall/ceiling mountable design ensures space-saving installation, catering perfectly to diverse storage space requirements. Units are switchable between medium and low temperature allowing for further flexibility.

AHT Plus doesn’t just offer refrigeration solutions; we aim to elevate businesses by providing comprehensive support across every stage of projects. Our products, installation and services are designed to revolutionise operations and set new industry benchmarks. We pride ourselves not only on offering cutting-edge refrigeration technology but also on our bespoke shop fitting consultancy, expert project management, seamless installation services and comprehensive aftercare and warranty package. From the initial conceptualisation to the final execution, we are committed to ensuring a tailored approach to food retailer’s needs. We encourage discussions with our in-house experts to understand your requirements and provide personalised insights into our product and service portfolio.

In conclusion, the evolving landscape of refrigerants in Europe presents both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. AHT/DAIKIN is committed to navigating this shift, providing innovative and sustainable solutions that not only meet regulatory demands but also drive business growth and environmental stewardship.

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