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With the Euros kicking off on Friday 14 June, retailers have shared a few tactics on how they’re planning to score big on footfall and sales this summer.

Sue Nithyanandan of Costcutter Epsom is focusing on emphasising the sale of snacks, soft drinks and alcohol, as well as pizzas and hot and chilled food to go. “We have changed our hot food display to include toasted sandwiches and baguettes,” she explained.

Sue’s store will feature a mini football net for the month, decked out with Coca-Cola sponsored footballs. Every goal scorer will be entered into a prize draw and the lucky winner will be able to donate £200 to a local club or charity of their choice.

“We have received a lot of point of sale and buntings from suppliers and symbol group and have also ordered more flags and bunting additionally,” she added.

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In Corseford, Scotland, Chris Watson is full of football fever. “For us Scots it doesn’t come as often as it should, so there is already a great buzz about the place”. The KeyStore store is shaping up with flags, bunting, floor stickers and prizes to give away.

“Thanks to KeyStore, we have a replica of the trophy coming to the store on 12 June for anyone to come along and get to hold of and get a picture”.

He explained that these small things, when combined, have a big impact on driving sales, not only for the Scotland games but for the whole tournament. “I’m lucky enough to have a ticket for the opening game against Germany, so I will be able to get a real feel for the competition, and as they say “No Scotland, No party”,” said Chris.

Neil Godhania who owns Neil’s Premier in Peterborough has multiple strategies up his sleeve to drive footfall and sales this summer. To name a few, he will be offering special promotions, creating deals, utilising social media and local advertising to promote his Euro-related offers and events.

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He noted that his promotions will focus on the essential items for watching a game, such as crisps, dips, soft drinks and beer. “This will hopefully engage an atmosphere for our customers that drives footfall & boots sales during the Euro’s,” he said.

“We’ll be hosting in-store events like penalty shootout competitions and activities such as match day viewing & social media competitions. We have some eye-catching Euro-themed displays around the store - flags, posters, bunting, banners & merchandise related to the tournament. This will hopefully generate excitement, attract attention & get it a festival type of vibe,” Neil added.


At KegsNBlades in Bolton, if England brings it home, you can win your money back. 

Hollowpark Store in Ayr, Scotland, is full of Scottish pride. With an array of nation-themed merchandise, shoppers can get geared up ready for the games. 

Retailer Surge Notay has creatively crafted an England flag in his window using a selection of beverages that go hand in hand with the matches.