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West Yorkshire retailer Surjeet Notay rolled back prices to the 1970s to celebrate serving the local community for almost 50 years.

To mark Notay Convenience Store’s 48th anniversary and as a heartfelt thank you to loyal customers, Surjeet slashed prices of selected items to match their 1976 costs when the store first opened.

For one day only, through the Snappy Shopper app, customers could purchase a 2L bottle of semi-skimmed milk for 36p, a loaf of bread for 19p, a bottle of Coca-Cola for 9p, and a Cadbury’s Freddo for just two pence.

In a special tribute to his late grandfather, Surjeet and his father have been donning shirts, jackets, and ties, echoing the attire worn when the store first opened its doors.

“The store was originally opened by my late grandparents, who had never run a shop before,” said Surjeet.

“While it was a family business and we all mucked in, my dad took over the shop in 1993, and I got involved in decision making in 1999. My best memories involve learning and working with my grandparents, who taught me how to use the old cash register. We are very excited and proud to celebrate 48 years in Batley.”