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Anand Cheema of Costcutter - Fresh in Falkirk, was raging when all three entrances to his store were closed last Saturday after heavy rain caused flooding. 

“There was no communication from the local council or from the road traffic department to do with the closures,” he said. “I understand that it’s something that can’t be helped, but there should be at least communication to tell us that they’re going to be doing this and alternative routes for customers to use.” 

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The exasperated retailer took to social media to alert customers to the issue, with a Facebook post headed ‘Costcutter’s Swimming Baths are now open!’ 

Despite the post flagging up an alternative access route, Anand claimed that the road closures cost him dearly. “To close all three roads has absolutely decimated my business and trade for Saturday completely,” he said, noting that it is one of the store’s busiest days.

A truck did eventually come to pump the water, but the damage was already done, with Anand estimating that he lost around £2,500 worth of sales.

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He claims that the same area has flooded numerous times over the years and he is at a loss as to why the council hasn’t addressed it. “Customers are frustrated, like myself, and especially for people that live locally, they’re having to do runarounds to even get to their own homes,” he said. “They know that the problem is recurring, so why is the drainage not sorted?” 

He believes that posting his criticism of the council on Facebook and tagging Falkirk Council, a local newspaper, and MSP for Falkirk West Michael Matheson, helped to trigger action.

“There was no apologies, no communication and no compensation,” he said. “And it’s funny that as soon as I complained and put it on Facebook, that within three or four hours a truck came out to pump all the water out and they reopened access straight away.”

He is reaching out to his local MP to raise awareness of the drainage issue in the hope that it can be fixed to avoid future problems. “I’m going through my local Member of Parliament now to try and push the Council to do something,” he said. “I’m hoping it’s going to get me some good traction.”

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