Recognising that the High in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS) legislation meant that the industry had to evolve when it comes to selling products that consumers love to indulge in, Responsible Retailer of the Year, Sue Nithyanandan, teamed up with a local business - Grow Cook Enjoy - to provide funding for after-school cooking lessons.

Children from the cooking group recieve a menu of the items they will be cooking and then they will come into Sue’s Epsom Costcutter to pick up the necessary ingredients. 

In December last year, Sue was awarded a £700 prize fund to celebrate KP Snacks’ 70 years of success as the UK’s leading nuts brand as well as recognising the amazing work done by its retailer partners.

In a Facebook post, Sue announced that the winnings were donated to support Grow Cook Enjoy.




The store has also sponsored the cooking school workshops, as well as funded community projects involving berry planting at a local school.

She emphasised the children’s passion towards the cooking classes: “Amazingly, the kids love to cook and you know, formally it only used to be the cupcakes and things. So, now they’re actually making whole meals for the family. So, it’s a real boost. Even if I can get to 20 families, it’s a success.”



Speaking at the Association of Convenience Store conference on Tuesday 30 April, Sue highlighted the importance of fresh produce. 

Sue told attendees: “Fresh food definitely brings in the people. They want fresh and they want clean. They want something for now or something for later. So, the treats should be there and we are always looking out for something new and something innovative.

“You can’t stand still in our sector. You’re always looking for something different and fresh basics should be perfect. You have to cover the basics and then the rest will take care of itself”.

While Sue’s store is surrounded by competiton she explained that her “business keeps growing”. 

“Obviously, it’s something we are engaging with the community. We don’t have any loyalty cards, but we have loyal customers. So that is what we are about,” she said.