Product quality, particularly for fresh food, has grown in importance for consumers during the lockdown period, according to HIM & MCA Insight’s Channel Pulse findings.


Survey data for the week commencing 13 April shows quality was the fastest-growing shopper need, increasing by two percentage points per week at breakfast, four pp at dinner and four pp at snacktime. Quality is now the third most important shopper need at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Blonnie Walsh, head of insight at HIM & MCA Insight said, “Quality is becoming increasingly important to shoppers; however, shoppers don’t want to compromise on price. With lockdown measures extended, consumers are settling into new routines and cooking more meals at home. As they adapt to this, we start to see old behaviours creep back, such as a need for quality produce.”

Overall, visit frequency and shopper loyalty remained stable week-on-week. Newsagent was the second most common mission within convenience stores, accounting for 19% of all trips – up from 14% the week before. The proportion of baskets containing news and mags within convenience doubled week-on-week – in 15% of baskets, up from 8% the previous week.