Grocery delivery has increased its share of meals consumed across all dayparts, according to the latest Channel Pulse findings from HIM and MCA Insight.

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For the week beginning 4 May, grocery delivery notably increased its share at breakfast (+3.8 percentage points), but also at lunch (+1.6pp), dinner (+1.5pp) and snack (+0.4pp).

Breakfast occasions have grown to the highest share recorded for this daypart so far (26.9%), an increase of 1.1pp compared to the previous week. The shopper need of confidence (“I knew they would have what I want”) increased this week, especially at dinner (+3pp) and the snack occasion (+3pp).

Nearly half of all shoppers that choose online grocery are on a main shopping mission – up 6pp week-on-week. In contrast, those on a top up planned mission is down 3pp, the company reports. For the seventh consecutive week supermarkets and convenience stores are the top two channels that consumers say they will be visiting more in the next week.

Blonnie Walsh, head of insight at HIM & MCA Insight said, “Ever since lockdown begun, demand for online grocery services has outstripped capacity. While this is still the case, retailers have been working hard to increase availability.

“As a result, we have seen the channel’s share of meals across all daypart grow. Although lockdown measures have changed slightly, shoppers are preparing themselves for another three weeks of limiting contact with others. With this in mind, 47% of shoppers plan to use online grocery more in the coming week.”