The government is being urged to enforce a new ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ (RPR) trust mark on all packaging to give consumers more clarity about the plastic content of products.


Launched on Friday 20 September during the London Climate Strike, the new trust mark will give consumers “the exact plastic credentials of products they are purchasing,” according to Mark Jankovich, the entrepreneur behind RPR.

A Populus survey of 1,000 UK consumers founds that 79% of people would support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to help them determine its impact on the environment.

“Having a rating which shows the amount of recycled plastic content in the packaging we buy will instantly give consumers the power to vote with their wallets and choose packaging that is fundamentally diverting plastic from landfill,” said Jankovich.

“The RPR will enable consumers to see, at a glance, the exact plastic credentials of products they are purchasing.”

He said the overall aim of the campaign was to simplify from 28 possible marks to just one industry standard - the Recycled Plastic Rating.

“We hope the government will take action and make the new RPR mandatory on all packaging; encourage the acceleration of how single use plastic can be given a second life; and increase scrutiny of exactly HOW plastic is recycled in the UK,” he added.