Demand for grocery delivery will remain high even after the current lockdown has ended, according to a new report from HIM & MCA Insight.

Deliveroo rider

Deliveroo rider

The HIM & MCA Insight UK Recovery Report 2020 reveals that 29% of shoppers are shopping online for food and drink more than before the lockdown began and, even more significantly, 20% of these shoppers plan to continue to use grocery delivery services more even when lockdown has ended. This figure rises to 36% among 25-34 year olds.

In addition to supermarket delivery services, 12% of shoppers are ordering groceries through delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats more than they did before lockdown began. Of those already using delivery apps more for grocery shopping, 5% expect to continue to do so once lockdown ends.

Blonnie Walsh, head of insight at HIM & MCA Insight, said: “Through lockdown, existing online retailers have upweighted their delivery capabilities. In addition, retailers new to online delivery have found the platforms and infrastructure to support them within a channel that has seen significant growth. However, we don’t expect this growth to be short-term, with increased usage of grocery online set to be a legacy behaviour in the aftermath of coronavirus.

“More consumers, especially the elderly and vulnerable, are now versed in the process and retailers are better able to cater to demand. Discounters, with little in the way of delivery capabilities stand to lose out to this revenue stream, hence Aldi’s announcement that they are now partnering with Deliveroo makes sense.

“Retailers offering online services have offered the UK’s most vulnerable residents a lifeline during the coronavirus pandemic. With a significant proportion of shoppers planning to continue using online shopping for food and drink more even once lockdown eases, maintaining loyalty now is key to sustaining high demand and footfall once existing measures start to ease.”

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