Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) has invested in new social-distancing equipment and till point floor signage to help retailers protect their staff and customers from coronavirus.

Over 10,000 vinyl floors stickers are currently being delivered to the group’s stores to help retailers maintain the government’s social distancing guidelines of keeping at least two metres apart from others at all times.

CSG has also sourced protective Perspex screens for independent retailers to order at cost price, which it says, can be easily installed at till points.

The group has also developed a comprehensive guide on implementing social distancing measures in stores, including social media content and in-store point-of-sale materials, to help retailers communicate social distancing to their shoppers.

The guide also provides further recommendations and visual guides on social distancing in stores, including suggestions on maximum customer numbers based on average store size, advice on how to help keep staff and customers safe whilst replenishing stock and encouraging shoppers to use contactless payments.

CSG marketing director, Sean Russell, said: “Our main priority is the welfare of our retailers, their staff, shoppers and our colleagues and we’ve moved swiftly to support our retailers in implementing social distancing measures in store.

“As well as implementing social distancing measures, we’ve also been hugely encouraged by the large number of our independent retailers who have adapted their stores and services to help their local communities, from offering home delivery, call and collect service for key workers, to installing hand wash stations outside stores.

“At this unprecedented and challenging time, convenience stores have a vital role to play and we will continue to prioritise helping our retailers support their local communities.”