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    Indies unfazed by Tesco local focus


    Independent retailers say they are not threatened by Tesco s goal of achieving sales of more than 500m from locally sourced products this year. The chain said that sales of locally produced items such as bread, meat and eggs had risen 40% this...

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    ACS looks ahead as Tesco appeals


    Tesco's decision to appeal against Competition Commission (CC) recommendations has been panned by retail trade associations.

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    Tesco takes on seven Somerfield stores


    Tesco has bought seven stores from Somerfield.

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    Council may get Tesco handout


    North Norfolk Council will receive £1.2m from Tesco if the supermarket's plans for a 1,500sq m store in Sheringham are given the go-ahead.

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    Anger at Tesco build plan


    Tesco has risked the wrath of transport officials, green campaigners, local residents and historians in Wiltshire, after revealing plans to build a 21-acre depot on a greenfield site near Stonehenge.

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    Council says no to Tesco again


    Campaigners have moved another step closer to victory in a 10-year battle against Tesco's plans to build a supermarket in the town of Sheringham, Norfolk.

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    Tesco's lead in grocery gets wider


    Tesco has increased its dominance of the grocery market from 31.4% a year ago to a record share of 31.8%.

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    CC rules against Tesco purchase


    Competition Commission (CC) chiefs have ruled that Tesco's purchase of a former Co-op store in Slough has led to reduced competition and choice in the area.

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    Tesco takes a ban but leaves a bill


    A Tesco Express store in West Sussex has had its licence to sell alcohol suspended for one month - but local residents and businesses may have to foot the bill for the legal costs of imposing the ban.

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    Celebrity chef set to take on Tesco


    Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is gearing up to take on his local Tesco when he opens a small grocery store in the Devon town of Axminster in three weeks time.

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    Tesco blasted for "arrogance"


    Norfolk retailer Nigel Dowdney has taken the battle for the high street right to the heart of the enemy by joining other protestors at Tesco's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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    Eastenders win battle with Tesco


    Local retailers in Highams Park, East London, are rejoicing after Tesco lost a fight to build a colossal mixed-use development in their area.

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    Tesco tries community spirit


    Managers and staff at Tesco Express stores have been told to spend one day a year working in their local neighbourhoods after what the supermarket says is customer demand for more community-based activity from its stores.

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    Tesco can't match us, declare indies


    Eight out of 10 independent retailers believe their store plays an active grass-roots role in the community which multiple supermarket chains cannot match, according to an exclusive survey.

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    New push for Tesco Express


    Tesco is continuing its march into the convenience sector by appealing for new stores with space of 3,500-5,000sq ft through a press advert.

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    Tesco faces storm over deliveries


    Tesco has incurred the wrath of Camden council bosses and local residents by flouting parking rules when delivering to its stores in the London borough.

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    Tesco in control of 21 areas


    Tesco in control of 21 areas

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    Tesco store licence rap


    A Tesco Express has had its licence suspended for 28 days for selling alcohol to under-18s.

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    Tesco backs down in Cardiff


    Tesco has sensationally abandoned plans for a controversial Express store in Cardiff after months of protests by local retailers and residents.

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    Public says no to Tesco


    Cardiff retailers have joined with local residents and politicians to vent their anger over Tesco's plans for a Tesco Express store on the city's Birchgrove Road.