Rashpal Sandhu has a 1,500sq ft Nisa c-store in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Since there is a Sainsbury’s supermarket less than a quarter of a mile away and three other variously sized Tescos nearby, she was staggered to discover that an old furniture store next door is due to be transformed into a Tesco Express.

She has rallied some support in the form of 2,000 signatures on a petition, on the grounds of unfair competition, and sent it to her MP.

She realises all she can do now is damage limitation. Her Nisa area manager has urged her to up her standards (always a good idea but obviously not rent-free). She wonders what are other readers’ experiences of actually trading next door to or near a Tesco Express. What are its prices really like and do people realise that Express prices are not the same as supermarket ones?

I think a price comparison board outside, pointing out your cheaper prices, is a good idea. Never mind the ones that aren’t – if you go into ‘Tesc-bury’s’ as my other half insists on calling them, you will see that they flag up their cheaper-than lines and don’t shout about the rest.

Anyway, we would really like to hear your experiences on this one.