Food-to-go manufacturer Zinda Foods is launching its ready-to-eat wraps in a base format, designed to appeal to those looking for a lighter meal on-the-go.

The new brand, created by founder Anishya Kumar, makes its range of wraps using all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no palm oil.

The AirWraps feature a thinner texture than traditional wraps on the market and also contains less fat, salt and calories. The range is available to independents now in three flavours: Classic Chicken Caesar; Mediterranean Feta Cheese; and Moroccan Chicken, with an rrp of £2.98.

Seasonal flavours including: Egg Akuri; Spicy Tuna Slaw; Mexican Molé Pulled Pork; and Chicken Makhni, will follow later in the year. All variants also contain one or more of your five-a-day.

Kumar commented: “We are more than just a logo, our aim was to put a face behind a largely faceless category where products have become bland, boring & functional.

”Zinda was born out of a desire to break the glass ceiling that was set for the food-to-go industry by creating products that were delicious, natural, healthy, filling and most of all affordable!”