VK, the fastest-growing traditional RTD in the UK off-trade (Nielsen 52 we 30.06.18 - Growing +24% in value and +23% in volume) and number one student RTD (NUS Students Drink Tracker 2017), has launched its latest off-trade activity to coincide with Freshers Week and drive sales in the run up to Christmas.

Special edition ‘Electric’ mixed packs will contain a branded power bank – perfect for charging mobiles on the go. Due to hit stores at the beginning of September and be on shelf for 6-8 weeks, the packs will provide added value to consumers and form part of the brand’s through the line strategy to appeal to more consumers than ever before.

Jen Draper, head of marketing at Global Brands, said: “Power banks have become part and parcel of our everyday lives as we rely more and more on technology, but are particularly popular amongst millennials and generation Zs who have grown up using mobile phones.

“Our latest in-pack gift has been created to ensure we continue to give our consumers something they truly value, all while maintaining our commitment to support our off-trade customers.”

The brand will also sponsor British artist Tom Zanetti’s UK tour which will engage tens of thousands of students over the course of two months.