Vitalite Baking Block

Dairy Crest is extending its Vitalite dairy free spread portfolio with the launch of a new baking block format.

Formulated for cooking and baking occasions, Vitalite Baking Block is designed for cake batters and is looking to capitalise on growth in the dairy free category.

Neil Stewart, marketing manager  for spreads at Dairy Crest, said: “Counter to the wider butters & spreads market, which has seen some softening of baking occasions over recent years, dairy free baking has continued to grow apace. Our research has highlighted that while many dairy free spreads currently in the market can be used for cooking and baking applications, they don’t always deliver the optimal ‘bake’ that consumers are looking for.

“Our new Vitalite Baking Block has been specially formulated for optimal performance at cooking & baking occasions. We’re confident the launch will resonate both with current dairy free spreads shoppers not currently buying into home baking, whilst also helping to attract new shoppers into dairy free spreads.”

Vitalite Baking Block is expected to roll out across the wider retail channel later this year in a 250g pack (rrp £1).