Spanish confectioner Vidal has unveiled retro Fizzle Sticks sweets.

The candies were originally popular back in the 1970s, but ceased production in 1987. They have now been reformulated to contain natural colours and fruit concentrate.

Available in wild raspberry and wild strawberry flavours, Fizzle Sticks come in a 90g sharing bag with an rrp of 89p and a 30g indiviually wrapped bar which retails at 30p. The product will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign including advertising, a summer of sampling events, and a social media campaign.

“New products are key to growing our business in the UK and the exciting reformulated Fizzle Sticks mean we are further increasing our range of packaged sweets and novelties which we are confident will prove popular with retailers and consumers alike,” says Graham Collins, Vidal’s UK business development director. “Vidal is extremely well known throughout Europe with the UK already representing our biggest non domestic market. Hopefully our extensive plans for this year, including the development of products such as our Fizzle Sticks, will see the brand continue to grow and be recognised by both retailers and consumers as a great alternative to some of the traditional confectionery brands.”