Wrigley is promoting Starburst FaveReds by encouraging fans to create funny music videos in exchange for a free pack of sweets. The www.juicytheories.com website invites fans to select the setting of their video and then upload their faces to the twerking, cheerleading or robot dancing juice collectors. Fans who do so will receive a coupon which the can redeem for a freepack of Starburst FaveReds.

The Juicy Theory Creator initiative is part of the brand’s new multi-million pound communication platform to support Starburst FaveReds. The product will also benefit from the brand’s out of home advertising campaign, which kicks off on 5 May, and the current TV ad, which stars singer Michael Bolton.  

Kerry Rollo, assistant brand manager for Starburst, said: “Starburst is all about fun and juiciness, and the new ‘Juicy Theory Creator’ allows our fans to get creative and come up with their own story as to why Starburst is so juicy. We said that Michael Bolton ‘Boltonising’ the fruits was just the start and we meant it.”

Starburst FaveReds brings together consumers’ favourite red flavours – strawberry, raspberry, cherry and red apple – in one pack. The firm claims that over 1.5million Starburst chews are eaten every week in the UK.