Pladis is introducing three new additions to its McVitie’s cake portfolio in an attempt to cater for multiple snacking occasions.

The new cakes: McVitie’s Moments White Choc & Raspberry Crunch (rrp £1.70 / 4pk); McVitie’s Club Honeycomb Cake Crunchies (rrp £1.65 / 5pk); and McVitie’s Hobnobs Peanut Butter Fudge Flapjack (rrp £165 / 5pk), are available to convenience stores now.

The Club Honeycomb Cake Crunchies and the Hobnobs Peanut Butter Flapjacks are both individually wrapped and designed for lunch-boxes and snacking on the go.

Meanwhile, The Moments White Choc & Raspberry Crunch can more easily be eaten at home and shared with family and friends. All McVitie’s packaging is recyclable via Pladis’ partnership with Terracycle.

Claire Hooper, head of marketing for McVitie’s Cake Company at Pladis UK & Ireland, said: ‘We have invested in two of the biggest innovations the cake category has seen over the last two years - our McVitie’s Moments range was the biggest all-year-round innovation for the category in 2018 and our McVitie’s Cake Crunchies range is the biggest launch the cake bar category has had since 2017 (Nielsen MAT, November 2018).

“We’re excited to build on the momentum of these two fantastic snacking ranges with the launch of our new on-trend flavours - each expected to achieve retail sales in excess of £1m in the first year.”