Kurkure Chilli Chatka snack

Popular in India and Pakistan, snack brand Kurkure has released a new Chilli Chatka variant.

Made with a blend of chilli, spices and lentil flour, Kurkure Chilli Chatka is set to appeal to shoppers looking for bolder new flavours. The snack comes in 80g, £1.25 pricemarked packs and 100g packs. The product is listed with Bestway, Unitas, and OWH, and can be ordered via Amazon and Nisa.

The new launch joins Kurkure’s existing Masala Munch and Naughty Tomato flavours, which gained a combined £723m in value sales in 2022 (Nielsen).

Ekaterina Petrova, senior brand manager at Kurkure says: “Kurkure aims to celebrate the diversity of Britain while authentically representing the rich heritage of Asian cuisine and Kurkure Chilli Chatka is the perfect new addition to our portfolio due to its punchy flavour profile. Having already established itself as a well-loved brand amongst retailers and consumers abroad, Kurkure is poised to tap into the growing appetite for new textures and strong flavours. In the last year, 50% of all convenience retailers stock Asian-inspired savoury snacks, and demand is rapidly rising [Kam Research]. Kurkure plans to cement its place as the go-to Asian snack brand in the UK by helping to drive sales, especially during celebratory periods.”

In the lead-up to Diwali last month, Kurkure supported the launch of the Chilli Chatka flavour with in-store activations and sampling at the top 25 Bestway and Unitas depots where World Foods sell the most, to showcase South Asian culture.