OHMG range of magnesium drinks in cans

Source: OHMG

After its initial launch of relaxation magnesium waters last October, OHMG has created a superior blend of magnesium that maximises health benefits for consumers. OHMG water now uses the company’s TripleMg formula, making it the first drink in the world containing three different types of magnesium for their breadth of functionality and availability in terms of bioavailability. 

  • Magnesium Citrate is for general all-round Magnesium intake to top up depleted magnesium levels 

  • Magnesium Threonate for its potential brain benefits including mental focus and concentration

  • Magnesium Glycinate helps with stress, anxiety, and improving sleep. 

With Magnesium being the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies and linked to over 300 bodily functions in our day-to-day lives, OHMG claims it is surprising that studies show that up to 75% of us are depleted in magnesium, which can lead to a multitude of problems including tiredness and fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well as asthma, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps. In order to combat this, many people take hard-to-swallow pill supplements that often contain a form of Magnesium, such as Magnesium Oxide, that does not absorb as well as other types of Magnesium such as Magnesium Citrate. 

Stuart Walsh, co-founder of OHMG, said: ‘We knew there was clearly a need for this essential mineral but the problem was that the supplement market was pretty boring and definitely not sexy. So we entered the drinks market with the belief that OHMG magnesium water will be the new way to increase intake of this essential mineral and improve their day-to-day health and wellbeing.’ Each can of OHMG has zero calories, sugars, or sweeteners. Instead, the new drink contains 60 mg of TripleMg Magnesium to help people reach their recommended daily allowance (RDA).