Artisan spirits distillery 58 Gin has unveiled the new 58 English Berry Gin that is made using foraged sloe berries and a revamped 58 Apple & Hibiscus gin made with surplus/wonky apples.

58 GIN full range

Made using foraged sloe berries from Kent 58 English Berry Gin is created using the same process as the premium 58 London Dry Gin. The sloe berries are macerated for six months post distillation and then re-distilled at a low temperature. The result is a crystal-clear gin with a full-bodied berry kick that contains no sugar.

58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin is made using surplus Cox’s apples which would otherwise go to waste. The apples are sourced from within the UK throughout the year and are vapour-distilled alongside Hibiscus flowers.

Both gins are bottled at 43% ABV in a bespoke, embossed, 100% recyclable glass bottle complete with glass cork (rrp £34). 

Managing director at 58 Gin Carmen O’Neal said: “Our gin range has been developed to appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer and retailers wanting to exercise their ethical credentials. We only use natural ingredients and all products are vegan and gluten-free with no artificial additives, sugar, sweeteners or sulphites.

“We’re a small artisan distillery priding ourselves on our ethical approach to business, even down to gifting our botanical waste to the local church.

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