Cadbury Chocolate Gift Cards

Retailers can tap into year round gifting occasions with Cadbury Chocolate Gift Cards (rrp £3). Available in two variants and four different designs, each pack comprises a fun gift card containing 20 Cadbury chocolate pralines or truffles. A variety of vibrant gifting designs combined with Hazelnut Creme Hearts and White Chocolate Truffle Flowers offers shoppers an option for every gifting occasion.

The new Cadbury Chocolate Gift Cards range allows retailers to target new shoppers to help grow their gifting confectionery sales all year round, tapping into mini-seasons and birthdays and ‘just because’ gifting moments. The range is expected to be especially popular with shoppers aged 18-35, offering millennials an entry level token gift in a format they are familiar with from outside the confectionery category.

Nancy Moore, brand manager for Cadbury Gifting at Mondelēz International said: “We know that shoppers on a gifting mission are valuable to retailers; on average these consumers buy at least two gifts from across categories such as chocolate, alcohol and flowers. The new Cadbury Chocolate Gift Cards range offers retailers an easy way to help grow incremental sales from these shoppers by offering something new and fun from a brand their shoppers know and trust. Available in two delicious shapes and flavours across a variety of designs – there really is something for everyone to say it with chocolate!”

The Cadbury Chocolate Gift Cards also include a space for shoppers to include their own personal message by opening the pack after purchase, writing a message and reclosing. This will allow retailers to tap into the personalisation trend too, making the gift even more special to give and receive, claims the firm.