For Easter 2018, Mondelez International is unveiling new products and investing £10m for the Easter 2018 season.

New for 2017 and exclusive to the convenience channel will be the ‘Hunt down the white creme egg’ promotion where consumers who find a white chocolate Creme Egg will win up to £1,000.

Also new for 2017 is the Cadbury Egg Hunt Super Pack which provides everything needed to host a hunt (rrp £6.99, 342g, 8 packs per case).

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies will hatch some new chick-shaped jellies. Jelly Babies Chicks will be available in a bag (rrp £1, 165g, 12 packs per sase) and a gift-worthy jar (rrp £5.19, 495g, four per case)

Cadbury Dairy Milk will get a new Inclusions Shell Egg Range - premium eggs featuring hidden chunks of favourites within the shell, which are being marketed as the ideal for younger, affluent shoppers (rrp £12 RRP, 570g, four packs per case)

Cadbury Crunchie Large Shell Egg is a new shell egg that is also tagreted at the younger shopper (rrp £6.15, 278g, six packs per case).

Mondelez International claims that it was central to Easter 2017 with a 47% share of the market (IRI, Total Market) and was the number one contributor of growth (£20m). According to the firm, one Cadbury Creme Egg was sold every 10 seconds during the season this year and 50% of all shell eggs sold were its SKUs.

The firm’s top selling Easter products include: Cadbury Crème Egg, Maynards Basseetts, Cadbury Mini Eggs and the Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon.