GALAXY Smooth Mint

Galaxy is freshening up is block chocolate selection with a minty variant.

Galaxy Smooth Mint is an 110g bar with an RRP of £1.25 and joins the seven-strong chocolate block line-up. The new launch will be supported by in-store POS, from shippers to larger front-of-store displays. The brand claims that cocoa for the bar is sourced through its responsible cocoa programme under the mass balance method.

Mint has the second highest flavour penetration in the confectionery market, with 61% of shoppers repeatedly purchasing mint-flavoured products (Kantar). In addition, 52% of chocolate shoppers buy in to mint and spend more on chocolate (ibid), demonstrating the strength of the opportunity this new flavour presents.

Victoria Gell, Galaxy brand director, says: “The arrival of our first-ever Galaxy Smooth Mint bar offers shoppers a new flavour of our much-loved brand. We know that innovation drives the category, and shoppers often buy large block chocolate formats to enjoy sharing moments together.

“This new flavour allows us to reach new audiences by appealing to mint lovers (that over-index [on mint product consumption] in comparison to milk chocolate [shoppers]), who will then introduce new consumers to the category via sharing.”