Popcorn Kitchen Season Home Poppin bottles 1

Seasonal gifting sets from Popcorn Kitchen are taking the stage this Halloween and Christmas.

The brand is releasing three bottles of Seasonal Home Poppin Kits (RRP £12.99) comprising: Halloween Special (complete with spooky electric orange chocolate buttons); Christmas Sprouts (containing foil-wrapped milk chocolate sprouts) and White Chocolate Jazzies (a nostalgic pocket money treat from yesteryear).

As with Popcorn Kitchen’s original Home Poppin Bottles, the kits are designed for parents and children to create the perfect movie night treats. Each kit is rammed full of best-in-class mushroom popcorn kernels, Belgian chocolate chips, and a seasonal topping.

In addition, the firm is launching a 12 days of Christmas Gift House (RRP £26.99) containing 12 packs of popcorn and eight flavours of popcorn, including: Salted Caramel, White Choc Raspberry, Chocolate Orange, Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate Brownies, Cheddar Cheese, Lemon Drizzle and Mint Chocolate.

Speaking of the Home Poppin Kits, co-owner and director of Popcorn Kitchen, Louise Monk, says: “We’re massive fans of fostering impromptu family cooking and freshly popped sweet treats and these easy-to-use kits provide the perfect home-cooking setting that culminates with an impromptu family film night.”

She adds: “Everyone loves an advent calendar, however the moment of happiness literally lasts a nano second. Thanks to our all-singing Christmas Gift House, the ultimate sweet treat moment lasts significantly longer.”