Lipton iced tea multipack lemon

Lipton has launched 330ml cans of its classic lemon and peach flavour ice teas into the UK market for the first time.

A six-pack multipack has just launched in the grocery channel and will be available to convenience retailers later this month.

The format is set to help Lipton tap into more at-home occasions with the multipack cans able to unlock an additional 3.1m at home opportunities (Kantar). This is particularly true as hybrid working continues for many and there is consumer demand for larger formats to meet their needs, with multipack now the fastest growing format within the deferred occasion (Nielsen). Over half of customers see cans providing advantages on specific occasions over bottles (Pack U&A), which has been Lipton’s primary format. Perceptions include cans keeping drinks colder for longer, as well as being easier to carry on some occasions.

Already worth £58m (Nielsen), Lipton is currently growing 46% faster than the market by value (ibid). 

The mulitpack roll out follows Lipton’s recent relaunch of its core range, and will be supported by out of home and digital marketing, as well as sampling activity.