LindtChocoWafer Individual Pick & Mix

Premium chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli is launching its Choco Wafer range in the UK.

The range comprises a milk hazelnut box, assorted box, and a countline bar.

The Lindt Choco Wafer Milk Hazelnut 135g Box (RRP: £5.50) targets informal sharing with nine individually wrapped milk chocolate hazelnut wafers. Layers of crispy cocoa wafers made with high quality cocoa powder are combined with Lindt chocolate, a generous layer of gianduja cream, coated in milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

 The Assorted Box 138g (RRP: £5.50) includes ten individually wrapped dark, milk chocolate and milk chocolate hazelnut pieces, all of which contain layers of Lindt Choco Wafer.

The 30g Countline Bar is available in plain packs (RRP: £1) or pricemarked at 95p. With clear messaging and portion control, the firm claims the Lindt Choco Wafter Countline will play an important role in crafting permissible indulgence in snacking. Half of shoppers consider portion size when buying chocolate, while one in four shoppers say calorie labelling has impacted their choice of snack, according to Polaris Research.

A Lindt & Sprüngli spokesperson says: “Lindt Choco Wafer is bringing a new level of premium quality to the chocolate category – it’s reassuringly high quality, yet new and exciting. This new product launch taps into attributes that matter to our customers, offering indulgence through high quality cocoa, true innovation and craftsmanship from our Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers.

“We’re confident consumers will enjoy the combination of deliciously creamy chocolate and crispy cocoa wafers which deliver comfort for both ‘me’ and ‘us’, and provide balance as a snackable well-portioned treat.”

Recently awarded a ‘superstar’ rating from market researcher, Nielsen Bases, Lindt & Sprüngli claims that  89% said they would buy Choco Wafer after tasting it.