Kerry Foods has relaunched its chilled snacking brand Fridge Raiders, combining skus from its Mattessons, Fire & Smoke and Go Go’s line-up to create a range that appeals to a wider audience of snackers.

To support the relaunch, the Fridge Raiders portfolio has been given a packaging overhaul, including a cleaner finish and prominent slogan; ‘Powered by Protein’.

Alastair Gibbons, marketing manager for Fridge Raiders at Kerry Foods, said: “The opportunity in snacking is huge. It’s worth a staggering £25 billion in the UK and makes up 20% of all food consumption occasions (Kantar Wordpanel, 2018).

“The previous positioning of Fridge Raiders targeted teenagers who, together with kids, represent 15% of snacking occasions. However, we see a great opportunity to widen its appeal amongst adults, capturing the broader 85% of snacking occasions. We want consumers to identify Fridge Raiders as a smart snacking solution, targeting adult snackers who want to get the most out of every day.”

The new positioning will be supported with a £3m ATL ‘Get a Taste for Power’ campaign, including TV and out-of-home activity running from now until August 12 and again in September.


Full Price List

Slow Roasted Chicken Bites (60g rrp £1.29, 3x25g rrp £1.50, 2x50g rrp £1.50, 6x25g rrp £2.50)

Southern Style Chicken Bites (60g rrp £1.29, 3x25g rrp £1.50, 2x50g rrp £1.50, 6x25g rrp £2.50)

Smoky BBQ Chicken Bites (60g rrp £1.29, 2x50g rrp £1.50)

Spicy Tikka Chicken Bites (60g rrp £1.29)

Slow Roasted Chicken Skewers (60g rrp £1.29)

Smoky BBQ Chicken Skewers (60g rrp £1.29)

Smoky BBQ Pork Feasts (80g rrp £1.29)

Hot & Spicy Pork Feasts (80g rrp £1.29)

Piri Piri Chicken Feasts (80g rrp £1.29)

Chorizo Pork Feasts (80g rrp £1.29)

Tangy & Smoky BBQ Pork Shots (3x25g rrp £1.50, 6x25g rrp £2.50)

Sweet & Heat Chilli Pork Shots (3x25g rrp £1.50, 6x25g rrp £2.50)

Fire Grilled Chicken Pieces (50g rrp £1.25)

Fire Grilled Ham Pieces (50g rrp £1.25)

Smoky BBQ Chicken Pieces (50g rrp £1.25)

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pieces (50g rrp £1.25)

Combos Bean (55g rrp £1.50)

Combos Flapjack (55g rrp £1.50)

Combos Chorizo (70g rrp £2.00)

Combos BBQ Mix (40g rrp £1.20)

Combos Chilli Mix (40g rrp £1.20)