JTI has launched a range of alternative products with new tobacco blends and product and pack innovations ahead of the ban on menthol cigarettes on 20 May.


The ‘New Dual’ range (available across Sterling New Dual, Benson & Hedges New Blue Dual, Sovereign New Dual and Benson & Hedges New Dual) provides adult smokers with “a new distinctive tobacco blend,” in a unique dual pack with two sections of 10 cigarettes.

The same blend will also be available across Sterling New Superkings Green, Benson & Hedges New Superkings Green, Berkeley New Superkings Green and Mayfair New Green. 

In addition, the new Sovereign Dual range also contains a new “Flow Tech” centre hole in the filter, which provides further product differentiation within the market.

JTI marketing vice president Stephane Berset said: The upcoming Menthol and Capsule cigarette ban will mean that adult smokers will be looking for a range of new alternatives.

”Therefore, we’ve worked to evolve our portfolio to cater to these needs with a raft of pack and filter innovations, distinctive new blends and unique taste alternatives, so adult smokers can continue to choose quality tobacco products they know and trust.”

The full list of new products available from 20 May 2020 includes:

New Dual range with new blends

  • New Sterling Dual (previously Sterling Dual Capsule, Sterling Dual Double Capsule and Sterling Dual Triple Green)
  • New Benson & Hedges Blue Dual (previously Benson & Hedges Blue Dual Double Capsule)
  • Sovereign New Dual (previously Sovereign Dual) – includes new “Flow Tech” filter centre hole
  • Benson & Hedges New Dual (Benson & Hedges Dual)

New blends only

  • Sterling New Superkings Green (previously Sterling Superkings Green and Sterling Dual Superkings Capsule)
  • Benson & Hedges New Superkings Green (previously Benson & Hedges Superkings Blue Dual)
  • Berkley New Superkings Green (previously Berkley Superkings Green)
  • Mayfair New Green (previously Mayfair Green)

Of course, adult smokers will also make choices based on their preferences and may seek other alternatives. JTI is determined to provide innovative new products that meet their needs,” Berset added.

“We recently launched Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped cigarillos, which contain a peppermint capsule that smokers can click to release a menthol flavour. On top of that, we have extended our Logic Compact “vaping range to include nine menthol flavours, and our Logic EPIQ e-liquids are available in five menthol flavours. Our Nordic Spirit tobacco-free nicotine pouches are also available in a fresh mint variant, providing yet even more choice.”