Hancocks Cash & Carries has launched a raft of new products under the Crazy Candy Factory brand.

The eye-catching Spin Ray, Candy Flyer and Candy Racer all combine sweets and a toy. With an rrp of £1, Hancocks clams that these products give margins of up to 40%.

In addition, the firm is launching Crazy Candy Factory Cream Filled Pencils in original, rainbow, cola, watermelon and strawberry flavours. tub products. With vibrant packaging and Halal certified, these new lines can offer retailers up to 34% margin when selling at 5p.

The group is adding cola ball and blackcurrant flavours to its Zed Candy jawbreakers range as well. These 30p lines offer retailer margins of up to 21%.

What’s more, Hancocks has an exclusive Haribo hod unit available for retailers to stock the latest range of 30p pricemarked Haribo and Maoam confectionery, including Maoam Pinballs, and Haribo Tangfastics Stixx, Hearts and Rings, which are on offer at £4.89 ex VAT for a case of 30 until 10 July.

The fully stocked hod is currently on offer at all Hancocks Cash & Carries nationwide, selling at £19.56 ex VAT until 10 July.