Fuel10K porridge pots

UK breakfast brand Fuel10K has joined forces with food redistribution charity FareShare for a nationwide porridge donation project. Throughout the month of February, Fuel10K will be donating a portion of porridge for every pot they sell.

Through on-shelf promotions, and with their nationwide listings with supermarkets, online retailers and convenience stores, Fuel10K expect to sell more than 500,000 of their Protein Boosted Porridge Pots during February.

Co- founder of Fuel10K Jason Kerr said: “This collaboration with FareShare means so much to the entire Fuel10K family and we’re delighted to be working so closely with them. At a time when so many people and organisations are struggling, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to donate so many of our nutritious breakfasts. Teaming up with such a credible organization as FareShare, means that we can be confident that our porridge will reach those most in need.”

CEO of FareShare Lindsay Boswell added: “FareShare works with thousands of charities and community groups around the UK to get food onto the plates of those who are most vulnerable. With millions of families struggling to eat because of the pandemic, we are very grateful for Fuel10k’s support and generous donation at this critical time.”