Fox’s Biscuits has extended its Party range to include new variants Party Fairytales and Mini Party Footballs.

The Mini Party Footballs come in 6x25g bags (rrp £1.59) and soccer-based designs feature on the back of each biscuit.

Aimed at mums and young girls, Fairytales have pink and purple icing and are available in 130g packs with an rrp of £1.15.

Marketing director Letty Edwards said: “Fox’s Kid’s Party Rings have been around for over 30 years and continue to be one of the company’s most successful lines, with a presence in four million households nationwide and a 9.5% share of the kid’s biscuit market worth £10.9m.

“These fun new designs and formats will ensure that we continue to offer an engaging element of play and creativity with the guarantee of a delicious tasting biscuit.

“And now that we have also amended the recipe to appeal to vegetarian communities, we are confident that our ambition to grow our presence in the kids sector is well within reach.”