3 flavours of Upstream in new packaging

Source: Clearly Drinks

The Upstream range is back with a bold new look for 2021 featuring a typography led design. A single 330ml can has an rrp of 99p and a six pack has an rrp of £3.50.  The brand will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign including video on demand and digital display, as well as an experiential sampling campaign to drive awareness and trial across multiple occasions. 

Upstream is a healthier, low calorie alternative to standard sugary soft drinks and mixers. Each can of Upstream contains zero sugar and less than 5 calories per can providing a healthier option without the sugar, with its natural full fruit flavour combinations including Strawberry & Lychee, Grapefruit & Bergamot and Pomegranate & Lime.

Clearly Drinks claims that flavoured water is increasingly resonating with shoppers who care about health and wellness and Upstream offers the healthy hydration benefits of water but with full on fruit flavours from around the world. Head of marketing Susanne Wright said: “With over 130 years experience in crafting flavourful drink combinations, Clearly Drinks is delighted to announce the relaunch of Upstream. As more and more consumers are actively trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, the demand for healthier alternatives to alcohol and sugary soft drinks is rising and health led propositions are resonating ever more with shoppers.”