Foil brand Bacofoil is entering the bin liner category with the launch of a flexible Elasti Fit range.

The product, available in 30ltr and 50ltr formats, fixes securely and tightly around bins to stop any slipping and preventing any unwanted mess.

The triple layer thickness of the liners is designed to prevent leaks and the bags are sealed at the side, rather than at the bottom, to prevent the product from splitting under the weight of rubbish.

The tear-resistant bags also feature drawstring handles for closing and have been endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Zoe Lunn, senior brand manager at brand owner Melitta UK Ltd, said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new tear-resistant Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners. The elastic fastening is a first in the bin liner category and moving into the waste management channel was a natural fit for Bacofoil®, as our aim is to produce reliable household products with strength and quality consumers can trust.”

Verity Mann, head of testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute, added: “At last a bin liner that stays securely in place and doesn’t rip when you remove it. We were so impressed with the elasticated handles, which stretched easily around the perimeter of the appropriately sized kitchen bin and were easy to tie once the bag was ready to be discarded. The liners were sturdy and strong and didn’t rip when filled with standard household waste.”

Bacofoil Elasti-Fit bin liners will launch into the convenience channel on 23 January (rrp £2.49 for 10x 50ltr or 12x 30ltr liners)