Musgrave Retail Partners is to pump millions of pounds into improving its supply chain, staff training and products and services for Budgens retailers.
Speaking at the group's annual retailer conference, managing director Phil Smith said Musgrave would focus on delivering brand basics and building a culture of customer service. "This is another way of saying we will be making things simpler for retailers and better for shoppers," he added.
Budgens retailers are to benefit from a £10.5m investment in the Wellingborough retailer service centre, making it simpler to use. The site's capacity will also be doubled.
The Andover retailer service centre will receive £5m to better serve its Budgens retailers and aid store recruitment in the South West.
A further £8m will be ploughed into enhancing the chilled transport fleet and £7.5m will be put towards improving the supply chain's IT systems.
Musgrave has also committed to a seven-point, three-month plan, starting now, to enhance trading. This includes a new range of value lines, KVIs and sandwiches. New fresh meat and bakery ranges will hit shelves from August.
"Against a background of increased competition, a Budgens brand that is different and better can thrive," added Smith.