Internet Eyes, the radical CCTV monitoring solution for retail stores, has agreed a trial with independent retail group J&P Retail, which owns and operates six Budgens stores in Eastern England.

Group director Jinx Hundal told C-Store he was keen to explore every opportunity open to him to combat retail crime.

"Internet Eyes will offer us an additional level of security which we feel combined with our current systems will add a further deterrent to our estate," he said.

The system, which was launched in October last year, has seen membership rise steadily across the UK, with more than 40 stores now using it and two significant new partnerships set to be announced this April.

"With the projected rise in unemployment comes the realistic threat of an increase in shoplifting and retail crime a concern which is being recognised by a growing number of store owners who are keen to implement measures to protect themselves," said founder and managing director Tony Morgan.

The successful UK rollout has also enabled the Internet Eyes team to expand their operations across the Atlantic to Canada.

The system allows retailers to stream their CCTV feeds to Internet Eyes-registered viewers, who alert store owners of any crimes they see occurring with an instant text message. A picture of the suspicious image is also sent to help retailers identify the perpetrators.