One Stop franchisees have seen its Jack’s offering undergo a range reset ahead of the festive season.

Part of the brand’s ongoing range resets, the new reset focuses on party food and relevant promotions.

The Jack’s range was launched into One Stop stores in September. Speaking to ConvenienceStore.co.uk earlier this year, One Stop that the range would have still been introduced to its store if Covid-19 hadn’t happened.

Harnek Sanghera from One Stop Hartlepool praised the range. “The constant changes in store not only keep us competitive with the big supermarkets but keep us ahead of other brands and local convenience stores. We’re seeing so many new customers through the door. I’ve felt that with previous symbol groups they’ve had your money and have been reluctant to bring about change.

“It’s very different at One Stop and it’s so much easier to keep on track and make sure you’re not falling behind which is always a fear.”

One Stop Head of Franchise John Miller said: “It’s really encouraging for us as a brand that our franchisees are feeling these changes so positively. Our range resets drive choice, we spend a huge amount of time investing our expertise and knowledge in to make sure our stores are competitive and actively encourages new shoppers. The system also offers franchisees the opportunity to introduce new lines to the range and add better choice for locals. It works well on fresh especially with our 6-day a week delivery and on single pick items.

“There is a lot of work involved in a range reset but our years of experience in the sector shows this is the best possible way to remain fresh and current. The process for a full range will include a strategy period over several weeks.

“However, this then offers a huge level of variety and value for our customers and gives them a continued reason to visit our stores. This naturally benefits our franchisees by increasing customer loyalty and basket spend.”