Today’s Group has launched its first major own-brand initiative since the split with Nisa by introducing two new own brand ranges.

Today’s Essentials is a price-fighting range comprising mainly of household items such as bleach and washing-up liquid, while Today’s Select is a higher-quality, food-based range designed to provide a lower-priced alternative to major brands. Launch lines for Select include biscuits, canned food and soft drinks, while an own-brand spring water is being introduced at the same time under the Blue Stone label.

A total of 40 products across the three labels will be launched on October 14, with more to follow in February. The portfolio is expected to reach 200 lines during 2013, around 80% under the Select banner.

Today’s Group managing director Bill Laird said: “In the current challenging economic climate consumers are increasingly looking to economise in all areas of food shopping, and this has meant an increase in the amount of own-label products they are buying from supermarkets and local convenience stores.

“Price-conscious consumers have become accustomed to buying own-label products and the new Today’s Select range will enable retailers to grab a slice of this lucrative market, which provides them with great margins.

“Price-marking is now an accepted way of emphasising value for money for consumers so all the Essentials products will feature prominent price labels to highlight their value-for-money offer.”