Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is helping retailers build on the success of the sugar-free Monster Energy Ultra range with its new Citron variant.

Hitting shelves nationwide from January 2017, Monster Energy Ultra Citron combines a citrus flavour with the refreshment of sparkling lemonade, whilst delivering the energy hit that consumers are looking for.

It offers an easy-to-drink, lighter taste profile and has been developed in-line with research showing that citrus flavours are popular among Monster Energy’s target audience.

The launch comes after sales of low calorie energy drinks grew by 32% over the past year, making it the highest performing segment within the energy drinks sector. It joins the three existing Monster Energy Ultra variants, White, Red and Sunrise, which have been responsible for 55% of the energy sector’s low calorie growth since their launch a year ago (52 wks value sales Nielsen WE 06.11.16).

Simon Harrison, operational marketing director at CCEP, said: “Lighter energy drink variants are in higher demand than ever before, and our Monster Energy Ultra White variant generated the biggest growth in the energy sector during 2016 (52 wks value sales Nielsen WE 06.11.16). We’re pleased to now add further choice to our zero-sugar Ultra range with the addition of the new Citron variant.

“The success of Monster Energy Ultra underlines the importance of continued innovation in this sector. Consumers are increasingly turning to energy drinks that have the flavour profile of a standard carbonate, rather than the traditional energy drink taste. By offering a new option that meets this demand, whilst also appealing to health conscious shoppers, Monster Energy Ultra Citron is an ideal way for retailers to maximise their energy drinks sales.”