Retailers are being given the chance to express their support for the current Sunday trading regime through the government's 'Red Tape Challenge'.

The initiative is part of the government's attempt to tackle business regulation and enables business owners and members of the public to comment on burdensome restrictions and unnecessary paperwork via the Red Tape Challenge website.

While many of the topics on the site refer to general subject areas such as consumer information and weights and measures, there is also a section on Sunday trading.

ACS public affairs director Shane Brennan told C-Store: "We would encourage retailers to express their views on Sunday trading via the Challenge website. The government has indicated that all regulation should go unless there is a reason for it to stay, but they would be crazy to tamper with the balance in the system that works so well for both consumers and retailers."

Retail is the first industry to be highlighted on the site, and the consultation runs until May 4. In time, each of the UK's main trade sectors will feature on the site.

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