A store manager in Edinburgh is in a serious condition after being stabbed during a robbery.

Ehsan 'Sunny' Hamid was stabbed in the back by a raider who entered the Premier Express store in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, and attempted to steal £120-worth of cigarettes, alcohol and other goods.

Police have since charged a man in connection with the incident.

According to his brother Inam, Ehsan was taken to hospital with suspected kidney damage and a knife wound to his hand. "The doctors said that the stab wound was close to his kidney and that they would be keeping him in," he said.

Inam revealed that this was not the first attack on the store. "Someone threw a glass through the window 10 days ago, and about seven months ago Sunny was attacked for no reason when he was behind the counter," he said.

He added that it was impossible to do anything about the level of crime plaguing the store. "Every day people come in and nick a can of beer, or a bottle of wine, but what are you going to do? Call the police every time? And if you try to do anything to stop it, look what happens."