Retailers and local campaigners in Norwich have failed in their seven-year battle to stop Tesco building an Express store in the city's Unthank Road.

A planning inspector ruled that the supermarket's application, its fifth in five years, would not have an adverse impact on shops in the area.

Campaigner Adrian Ramsay said: "I'm disappointed by this decision and a process that allows a remote planning officer from outside the area to overturn the democratic decision of local councillors and the wishes of hundreds of local residents."

Norfolk retailer Nigel Dowdney added: "The majority of local people and 100% of local traders were against this."

Tesco said: "We look forward to creating jobs, serving local people and becoming part of the community."

But Dowdney responded: "Tesco makes no attempt to be part of the community, and the net effect will be a loss of jobs."