The Go Local symbol group has celebrated its first year with 40 stores signed up to the fascia.

Since its introduction by Parfetts last year, 13 stores have adopted the Go Local fascia, 13 have taken on the Go Local Extra fascia with 14 stores currently in the process of development.

The symbol group is an extension of the Parfetts promotional retail club and has three tiers - Go Local Extra for larger convenience retailers, Go Local Plus for medium-sized stores and Go Local which is an entry level retail promotion for smaller retailers.

The Go Local retail club has also attracted more members, with 200 store owners signing up in the past year taking the total membership to 1,000. Parfetts reports that sales of Go Local promotional products have increased by 33% in the last year.

“We’re delighted with the strong growth so far and we will continue to invest in the Go Local symbol group to support future growth,” says Andy Whitworth, head of customer development. “This is a partnership for growth, with Parfetts acting as a link between retailers and suppliers, helping independent retailers not just to survive, but to thrive in the future.”