A new ’food waste supermarket’, thought to be the first of its kind in Britain, has opened its doors in Leeds.

Set up in a 6,000sq ft warehouse in Pudsey, The Real Junk Food Projects’ store sells waste food that would otherwise be discarded, receiving between two and 10 tonnes a day.

Products such as fresh bread, biscuits, cereal, confectionery and juices are sourced from a range of local supermarkets including Morrisons, M&S and Sainsbury’s, along with surplus fruit and vegetables from allotments and other local businesses.

Shoppers are asked to “pay what they feel is appropriate” for goods in the form of cash, or volunteering their time.

The project is being advertised locally on social media and shoppers are responding enthusiastically, according to operations manager Keith Annal.

The Real Junk Food Project originally started out as a “pay as you feel” cafe offering waste food to the people of Leeds three years ago.

Food that is past its expiration date is “intercepted” by staff who use their own judgement to decide if it is “fit for human consumption or not”.

“We are challenging the grey areas within food laws and regulations in order for common sense to prevail when dealing with food,” the project’s website states.