Jatin Desai has lost his PayPoint terminal, as reported previously on our news pages. The London-based retailer refused to cave in when PayPoint insisted he remove a 3R top-up terminal he had had for donkey's years because now PayPoint is doing top-ups, too, and has written into its contract that no rivals are permitted. Obviously, when Jatin was recruited by PayPoint as an agent, it had no beefs at the time about 'rival' terminals.
His relationship with PayPoint might be over, but Jatin is still dissatisfied with his treatment, believing the company's tactics to flout European competition law (like erstwhile Coke fridges and Wall's freezers arrangements). He has spoken to the NFRN, which seems to be of the same view, but says it cannot act on behalf of just one member and would need a shedload of others.
I know many retailers are irked by PayPoint's latter-day move of insisting that rival terminals be removed - even when those very terminals predated PayPoint's and offered services that were just a twinkle in PayPoint's eye - in particular e-top-ups, which I must assume are very lucrative for the service providers involved, so fierce is the competition. In fact, Jatin goes so far as to claim that PayPoint wants to major on top-ups.
Another interesting point is the NFRN's position. Surely it should be acting on behalf of its members? I am asking for NFRN members who think that PayPoint's tactics should be investigated to put it in writing, to the Federation or to me (in my case, you can just ring and I'll write it down).