And now fading from the horizon are those retailers whose sub post offices were decommissioned a couple of years ago, leaving them struggling to fill the void. Another anonymous retailer contacted me from Wales. She had paid the PO £5.5K for the right to keep Camelot and would have had to pay another £3.5K to have PayPoint or Payzone bill payments or wait 12 months (otherwise no severance pay). Four months down the line she got Payzone in and 24 months after losing the office, the PO has now got in touch asking for the £3.5K (then dropped the demand to £2.5K).

Couple of points here. It always seemed a bit rich that the PO deprived retailers of a large lump of their livelihood and then made them pay to preserve bits of the business that were deemed to be in competition. How does the PO know there are any bill payments taking place anyway? (It isn't even in the retailer's name).

Our retailer adds that removing the terminal would preserve nothing for the PO. "There are three other PayPoint terminals between here and the next post office and the Payzone I have doesn't do either Swalec or British Gas."