Former retailer Ajay Parekh rang me up to say that, after he ceased trading and sold his business, he received an invoice for £1,800 for Scratchcards from Camelot because the packs had been opened. He says he only opened them to keep the place looking good. He wanted to know why he couldn’t get the new owner to sell them or why Camelot wouldn’t just reimburse him. He also said he couldn’t get through to anyone to discuss the matter.

I got in touch with Camelot and a spokesperson said: “When a National Lottery retailer sells their store, they are advised to sell any open Scratchcard stock to the incoming retailer – just as they would with other remaining stock in their shop. On this occasion, this didn’t happen, so we followed our usual process of invoicing him for the opened Scratchcard packs, which become a retailer’s property once activated – as outlined in our retailer agreement.

“We have since spoken to Mr Parekh and recognise that he may not have been clear on the process – so on this occasion, as a gesture of goodwill, we will be crediting him for the stock once we have collected it from him.”

That was really good news for Ajay because he was unfortunately also out of pocket to the tune of £800 in credit card fraud (the old ‘customer not present’ one). His PDQ machine had been upgraded during his last month in business and his card acquirer said sorry, we can’t do anything.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing him a happy retirement in his 75th year.

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